My Friend Jimmy always used to say "Look good feel good"

This was back in 2002 when the term "Metrosexual" was still a thing.

Jimmy was not "Metro" far from it - maybe this is why we all latched on to the phrase.

Even though Jimmy didn't put too much effort into the "Look good" part, he still understood the sentiment. Somehow universally true within our own minds. The phrase just works...

Look in the mirror. What are the first things you notice? Whatever it is most important is COMPLETELY up to you - Your opinion matters most. That's where the feel-good comes from. Jimmy would want you to put just a tiny bit of effort in that will give you the pride to follow through on the feel-good part. Here's a few things to consider.

A natural smile

You don’t need to be a model to have a great smile. You just want one that doesn’t feel forced or fake. Feel good and the smile will be there for you. Yellow or grimy teeth tell the world you don't care, so make sure you’re brushing and using teeth whiteners, especially now when most people are doing their only public smiling on Zoom.

Your nails 

Cut them! Often! Fingers AND toes (we’re looking at you, Mr. Who’s Gonna Look At My Long Toe Nails? The answer: the ladies are!). You can't slip by during th summer without keeping those toenails trimmed. Beach/Flip flops ect.. And yes, a little filling goes a long way. Trust us.

Keep hair where it’s supposed to be

If you have hair growing out of your nose and/or your ears, guess what? Nobody wants to see that. If they say they don’t notice it, they’re being polite. We have you covered. Brio has a long history of keeping your hair in check. The Beardscape covers below the belt to full hair cuts and anything in between.


Facial hair that complements your face’s shape

Ready to try something different with your facial hair? Now is the time!


The key here is accentuating your face shape, not exaggerating it. Work with what you have to look your best.

  • Oval face

  • That’s the Swiss Army knife of face shapes. You can pull off whatever style you want. That doesn’t mean go crazy with options. Keep it clean and tidy. A 5 o’clock shadow works well but don’t feel restricted with that. Experiment with your beard … without trying to look like you’ve been living in the wilderness for the last few years.

    • Round face

    Bring attention to the center of your face and let your hair grow a bit. In other words, rock a goatee. You can even extend it up your jawline.

    • Rectangular face 

    Soften the chin and add some width. Think Guy Fawkes masks with his “beardstache” - thicker around the middle of the face and tight around the rest. Fawkes had it right about revolutions and facial hair.

    • Square face

    Add some length below the chin and jaw and keep it tight everywhere else. This is sometimes called a “Hollywoodian.”

    • Inverted triangle face 

    The best thing to do is soften that pointed chin with some length, and don’t forget to round off your beard under your jawline.

    If all else fails, go with the James Harden beard. If you’re going to try something with that much swagger, make sure you can back it up by dropping 50 points on whoever you’re playing.

    Make Jimmy Proud.

    Brio is here to help! Get everything from our award-winning Smartclean sonic toothbrush to our new whitening strips to our selection of trimmers, including the 5-star Beardscape and Axis. And yeah, we even have great nail clippers, a sure-fire filer, and a never-fail Nose & Ear Trimmer!


    anything we can help with? reach out and we will try to get you an answer!


    August 20, 2020 — Peter Levin