Raze Shaver

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Bald is better.

When Bald is your best look, you need the right tool to keep your hair as short as possible. It's not always an easy journey to going full cue ball but rest assured you have made the right decision.  Now your best look is just a matter of maintenance. We want to help make that easier for you.

There’s a better way than a razor. You no longer need to dread the process. The Raze is designed to make quick work of your head shaving routine so you look better more often.

Our customers basically forced us to make the Raze. A trimmer and shaver go together for hair maintenance.  If you’ve let your hair grow out a bit, then you know the value of a good trimmer to cut your hair short before shaving. Our Beardscape is perfect for this task and pairs perfectly with the Raze as a complete maintenance package. (link to bundle)

Here’s all the details you need to know before you click that buy button:

  • The 5 rotor head flexes to work around the shape of your head while capturing more hairs with each pass. The rotors are designed to let hair in and keep skin out resulting in less irritation. The titanium coating reduces friction and makes cleaning easier.
  • Shave wet or dry, in the shower or in the car (just not while your driving). For those with sensitive skin a wet shave can get better results - just pair with your favorite shaving cream.
  • 20 shaves per charge – with 100 minutes of runtime, you can shave for 20 days without charging. The digital screen shows your remaining battery life so your shaving session will never get cut short.
  • Look ma, no mirror – Get the job done without being stuck in front of the mirror, the intuitive motion of rubbing your head is all you need. Easily reach and shave even the areas you can’t see with the intuitive mouse style grip.
  • We have you covered – with a 2-year warranty and top-notch customer service. Want to find out? Just email them a question (support@brio4life.com) and find out for yourself.