We founded Brio Product Group to create fantastic products that promote the health and safety of our customers. We believe that all the products that we use and touch should be well designed and made to exceed your expectations. We focus on creating and improving products that we use every day by optimizing design, features and materials. These items with which we interact with the most, should serve to improve our life, health and safety. We enjoy creating and improving products for those who are looking for a great experience and exceptional value. 


The Brio Design Promise

Consumer products should first be made to be extremely functional. How do we use them? How do they work? How will they last? Secondly, these products should be made beautiful. This aspect of aesthetics is necessary to create the emotional connection and full acceptance. Our product design strategy first ensures that the item functions above the standards of our customers. Secondly we fixate on details that make our products stand above the ordinary. Behind every Brio product is the perfect balance of functional elements and attractive details.  


Our Process

Through a streamlined development process, we are able to identify and execute significant improvements to the products we use every day and bring them to market quickly.

Customer feedback is extremely important to our design process. We have made it our habit to listen to our customers’ needs as we constantly re-design and improve our products. Feedback from customer reviews drive our product development and improvement process. If any aspect of our products doesn’t function exactly as you intend or expect, please let us know – your insight improves our products.


From Our Founder

I have been a relentless scrutinizer of products for as long as I can remember. I am a very demanding consumer when it comes to an items build quality, features and feel. I often research even small purchases in order to ensure I don’t make a mistake or end up wishing I had purchased a different item. My research and design goals aim to find the right balance of price and quality.

I founded Brio Product Group to bring the best available products to market. Whatever the product or category, any item that carries the Brio name has passed our demanding standards.

Eric Steckling