Everyone has a bikini body. Sure we are all different shapes and sizes but going with today’s mantra of Positive Body Image, we all deserve to celebrate the body we have, now.

Getting yourself ready to step out in your bikini can feel overwhelming. Here at Brio Product Group, we are committed to more than just our products. We are committed to our entire Brio Family, and one way we give back is sharing tips to help you see you can take the best care of yourself.

We know as you took down your holiday decorations, all the major retailers started showcasing the newest styles in sexy bikinis for the coming spring and summer seasons. As you were beginning to eye the suit that was right for you, we were busy creating tips to make sure that your bikini trimming experience has you feeling confident stepping into the pool or splashing through the waves at the beach.

Trimming shouldn’t be a chore, but instead part of a self-care ritual that serves as double duty - helping you look good and affording you the opportunity to treat your body the way it deserves to be treated. With our busy lives, we often forget to take the time necessary to make sure we are feeling good both emotionally and physically. Something as easy as a trimming experience done right can become something that boosts your self-esteemLet’s get started and give you the tips to be successful when trimming your bikini line.

First, we recommend hydrating the outer most layer of your skin.

Relaxing in a warm shower or bath proves to be the easiest way to do this. Not only will your hair become softer and heavier from water absorption, it will allow your body to open its pores and loosen follicles for easier hair removal. Many enjoy soaking with added Epsom salts, which can be beneficial, giving support to your body by easing sore muscles, adding essential magnesium and reducing pain and swelling.

Epsom salts can also be used as part of the second step in your trimming experience.

Salts can be utilized to exfoliate the area you wish to trim. The use of Epsom salts and loofahs will help promote easier removal of that sometimes challenging, coarse body hair. If the words salt and trimming in the same sentence have you shaking in your sandals, consider using that loofah with a quality oil like Olive, Almond, Vitamin E or Jojoba. If by trial and error, you find the oils aren’t cutting it, don’t hesitate to try a simple sugar scrub to exfoliate. Sugar scrubs made from scratch are simple and can be made at home with a few easy steps. The addition of pure essential oils can help to support exfoliation, to give you the optimal experience.

Now that you have soaked and scrubbed, it's time to get down to business.

When you trim with the Ivy, or other electric trimmers, remember, there is no need for those gels, creams or shaving lotions. Also, you do not need to apply much pressure.

In fact, part of the benefit of a trimmer is it does most of the work for you as it glides over your most sensitive, sensual parts. Its also important to go with the flow, and by that we mean the direction of the hair. Choosing to go against the direction of the hair means that the trimmer not only has to do its trimming job but also must lift the hair at the follicle potentially causing ingrown hairs, burn or unnecessary irritation.

When you have finished trimming completely, most people reach for the closest moisturizers on the counter, but adding alcohol and perfume to a newly trimmed area is a no-no. We recommend keeping it simple, choosing once again to create an easy homemade after shave or even just the addition of a simple oil to soothe and smooth your bikini area. One of our favorites includes coconut oil and witch hazel to prevent irritation and minimize inflammation.  

Finally, give that area some space to breathe.

We recommend using loose fitting cotton panties or if it’s the evening, it’s the perfect time to climb into you comfy pajamas and call it a night. After that bath or warm shower, you may be ready for just that.

Sometimes people talk of trimming as a chore or even a taboo topic but truth be told, it's something most women do. When done right, its not only another way to boost confidence in that bikini, but also allow yourself to feel pampered and relaxed - and in today's day and age, every woman deserves just that.


May 01, 2020 — Elizabeth North