There are plenty of choices when it comes to choosing a toothbrush and they are not all the same. Brushing your teeth correctly takes the right form, pressure and timing. It is a lot to consider when your mind is wandering in the bathroom. Most of us brush too hard for too short a period of time and use bad form. The SmartClean can automate your brushing process and solve the problems of form, pressure and time. Most of our customers report that their dentist can see improvement in their oral health when switching from a manual brush.

If you have used an electric brush before you understand how much cleaner they can make your teeth feel. We developed the first version of the SmartClean in 2014 to be the best and most convenient sonic brush on the market. How? Better brush heads, a 6-week battery life, amazing customer service and it's all built around a powerful and award-winning* sonic motor.

If you are looking for the most convenient way to a whiter, healthier smile, look no further. At Brio, we have been working with dentists for the past 5 years to get the brushing experience right. We offer 3 brush heads and 5 brushing modes because we found that everyone has different preferences. No matter your preference, we have a setup for you and we are happy to help you through the process. Don't believe us? Just email support@brio4life.com or call 248-268-6530
*Clinician's Report chose the SmartClean as one of the best products of 2015

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SmartClean benefits:

The Brio SmartClean can freshen and cleanse your mouth to a level no manual toothbrush can match.

  • Generates 31,000 Brush oscillations/minute: the micro-bubbles created by these sonic vibrations use the fluid in your mouth (not just the bristles) to clean your teeth and gums more effectively than manual brushing.
  • Two-minute timer and 30-second zone reminders for a thorough cleaning.
  • No risk of overly aggressive brushing - a common problem with manual toothbrushes that can weaken your teeth and damage gums
  • 6-week battery life
  • 3 brush heads included with your purchase
  • 2-year warranty
  • Subscription Brush Head Replacement Program available

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The SmartClean is an excellent sonic toothbrush, designed to foster good oral hygiene and that perfect smile. Let Brio's precision electronic system do the work.

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Solid engineering is the foundation to everything Brio Product Group does. The right brush head movement is critical to the effectiveness of any electric toothbrush. Brio has designed the SmartClean motor from the ground up to be ridiculously effective at translating power to the bristles to do a better job cleaning your teeth.


Form and function harmonize in the SmartClean, a toothbrush as powerful as it is beautiful. Clean lines, great color scheme and the immediate knowledge that it just fits great in your hand. The SmartClean looks great on any bathroom counter, hotel counter or in that travel bag you'll be packing this year.


Brio Product Group does not do shortcuts. We put in the time and the investment so that we can stand by our products. Do the math: buy a cheap (or cheaply made) electric toothbrush and throw it away in 3 months. OR...buy the SmartClean and buy into a company that stands behind its products.

We all know how important oral care is - Your smile is an extremely important part of your first impression and you only get one set of teeth. Oral care is strongly linked to overall health so it takes great oral hygiene to be healthy. Get the RIGHT tool for the job and don't compromise here. A sonic brush will do a better job cleaning your teeth and if you haven't made the switch OR don't like the electric brush that you have, now is the time to make the switch. If you can afford to go to the movies on the weekend, you can afford a sonic brush. Brio makes it easy with low cost brush heads, subscription options, and amazing customer service. Try the SmartClean risk free for 90 days, if you don't like it Brio will offer a full refund. Start 2020 with a great dental checkup and a brighter smile. Try the SmartClean

Here is what dental professionals and customers are saying:

"In the past 15 years, I have evaluated two Sonicares, a Braun, countless of mechanical brushes, but found the Brio SmartClean unique. I can't pinpoint it, but it works better than the Sonicare, and you can't beat the price.

I have never found an electric toothbrush that has the fastest patient acceptance as the Brio. It's exceptional cleaning ability far surpassed all my expectations."

Dr. Glen L, DDS, California

“I feel the SmartClean is an outstanding electric toothbrush, far better than its competitors. The one I just purchased is for my daughter in San Francisco. I have also started recommending your toothbrush to some patients.”

Dr. Marsha D. DDS, Maryland

“This is the first electric toothbrush I've used in the last 40+ years, and wow, technology has seriously improved. Once you get used to the 'tingle', the clean you get is simply incredible. The controls are super simple, the settings all seem to do exactly what they claim they will, plus the battery lasts and lasts. If the tingle is too much, the Sensitive setting is an excellent option, although the Massage setting seems to get the most cleaning done. Very highly recommended!”

Matt K, Florida

I can't believe how much cleaner my teeth feel. My grown kids have two different brands and they both think my Brio is the best. I took it on a two-week vacation and the charge held the entire time. It says holds for 6 weeks, but I haven't had a chance to test that yet.

Robert S, South Carolina

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