Bald Bundle


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A trimmer and shaver go together for hair maintenance.  If you’ve let your hair grow out a bit, then you know the value of a good trimmer to cut your hair short before shaving. Our Beardscape is perfect for this task and pairs perfectly with the Raze as a complete maintenance package for keeping that perfect bald look.

To start - you'll want to use the Beardscape V2 to trim down any long hair.  The Beardscape has a ceramic blade that will stay sharp for years of use. The blade has a 0.3 mm adjustment range which is about the thickness of a few sheets of paper. This precision ensures you trim down to the exact length that works for you.

Next up - the Raze Shaver with it's 5 rotor head flexes to work around the shape of your head while capturing more hairs with each pass. The rotors are designed to let hair in and keep skin out resulting in less irritation. The titanium coating reduces friction and makes cleaning easier.

Get them both for the best price with this bundle!

Bundle comes with Raze Head Shaver and the Blackout V2 Beardscape