Best Beardscape V2 Bundle Deal

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Get the right trim every time, without the hassle of dull blades and dead batteries. The Beardscape V2 has a ceramic blade that will stay sharp for years of use. The blade has a 0.3 mm adjustment range which is about the thickness of a few sheets of paper. This precision ensures you get the look you want, every time.

The adjustable blade makes the Beardscape V2 perfect for haircuts and body hair trimming. Lowering the blade gives you more clearance on sensitive areas than other trimmers.

This bundle includes:

The Beardscape V2 – Choose your color, gray or black!  The ultimate grooming tool.  The only thing you will regret is not getting one sooner.

The Zero Blade – Set at 0.2 mm this is one of the closest trimming blades on the market. Swap it out when going for that near-shaven look.

This is the best bundle deal on these products and it's only available while supplies last!